Buy Fluoxetin Online

Bulimia, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder, depression, panic attacks, and a severe type of premenstrual syndrome are among conditions that are treated with fluoxetine (premenstrual dysphoric disorder). Your mood, sleep, appetite, and energy levels may all be enhanced by this medicine, which may also help you regain interest in regular activities. It might lessen anxiety, fear, unwelcome thoughts, and panic attacks. Moreover, it might lessen the need to engage in repetitive behaviors that interfere with day-to-day functioning (compulsions include hand washing, counting, and checking). Premenstrual symptoms like irritability, increased hunger, and depression may be lessened with fluoxetine. It might lessen bulimics’ tendencies to binge and purge.

How to use fluoxetine

As prescribed by your doctor, take this medication by mouth once daily in the morning. Your doctor could advise you to take this medication in the morning and at noon if you need to take it twice a day.

Your doctor may advise you to take fluoxetine every day of the month if you are experiencing premenstrual symptoms, or simply for the two weeks prior to your period until the first full day of your period. Mark your calendar to serve as a reminder.

Use a special measuring tool or spoon to precisely measure the dosage if you’re taking the drug in liquid form. Avoid using a regular spoon because you could not get the right dosage.

In one to two weeks, you ought should start to feel better. Before you experience the maximum advantage, it could take 4 to 5 weeks.

If your disease doesn’t get better or gets worse, let your doctor know.